A major challenge that we encounter within the metalworking industry is whether a production is manufacturable. The Quotation Factory already partially solves this challenge by integrating different CAM systems. As a result, the estimator immediately knows whether all necessary operations can be performed in-house. But here too, improvements can be made through smart software.

This upgrade does not ask IF something can be made, but HOW something can be made.

Through direct insight into the various production steps, the smart software can automatically add drawings and/or production steps, making assemblies and/or productions, which previously seemed impossible, possible all of a sudden.

Current systems within the metalworking industry sometimes provide feedback on problems, but not on the possible solution. The Quotation Factory’s Manufacturability Check does, and that results in fewer quality failures, faster lead times and cost reductions.

Naturally, this makes for less unnecessary “no selling” where you would have done so previously. A win-win for both applicant and the metalworker.