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Looking for a way to streamline your quoting process? Look no further than Quotation Factory. Our software makes it easy to get accurate quotes out to your customers – without tying up your valuable technical personnel.

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We make it easy to automate your work, supporting the broadest range of technologies on the market. You can work in 2D or 3D (PMI & MBD) and new additions are made all the time, via the cloud.

automated metal quotation milling
automated metal quotation turning
automated metal quotation tube profile cutting
Tube or Profile Cutting
automated metal quotation tube profile bending
Tube or Profile Bending
automated metal quotation sheet cutting
Sheet cutting
automated metal quotation sheet bending
Sheet bending
automated metal quotation sawing
automated metal quotation welding
automated metal quotation counter assembling
automated metal quotation surface treatment
Surface treatment
automated metal quotation counter sinking
Counter sinking
And more

+40 others available

800% productivity increase

Save hours of costly labor.

Is your technical personnel making quotations instead of doing what they’re best at?

You want your highly-qualified technical personnel to add value for your customers instead of spending hours unraveling files and making quotations. Quotation Factory automatically identifies all parts, assemblies and features. All what’s needed is uploading the CAD files!

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Upload CAD filesUse any 3D or 2D CAD drawing      of parts and assemblies.Upload CAD filesUse any 3D or 2D CAD drawing of parts and assemblies.Upload CAD filesUse any 3D or 2D CAD drawing        of parts and assemblies.Get QuoteGET QUOTELOADING...DOWNLOADGet QuoteYour quote is readyIt's that easy. Creating QuoteReady in a few seconds
70% of requests are quoted automatically

Generate leads and provide convenience with a self-service portal.

Looking to expand your customer base without adding extra work for yourself? Our self-service customer portal can help.

Customers can upload their CAD files and receive a quote with just a few clicks. It’s an easy way to generate leads and provide convenience for your customers at the same time.

100% consistency on all quotes

Improve your bottom line with accurate quotes, every time.

Quotation Factory’s software is smart and improves itself with every quote. This way, we can make sure you always get accurate quotes, and you can stop worrying about lower margins than you were expecting.

Our software eliminates differences in pre- and post-estimatiions and makes quoting reliable. Because estimations become data driven, it no longer matters who quotes.

Actual CostsEstimated Costs
0% manual data entry in ERP and CAM

Automate your workflow from request to delivery.

Thanks to our easy integration with your existing ERP system, you instantly know which raw materials you need and what the most recent prices are. This integration works both ways, all details will also be uploaded to your ERP. 

In the meantime, our CAM integration will do a manufacturability analysis. Afterwards, just download the CAM file to make sure your production department can start the metalworking process right away.

Quote within minutes

Don’t let customers wait – provide instant quotes.

Worried that potential customers are choosing your competitors because you’re always late on quotations?

Automate the process with our software and provide your sales teams with detailed quotes in minutes – never miss another opportunity!

Analytics & Reporting

Provide yourself and your customer with detailed insights.

Get detailed insights and spend less time on manual adjustments. Within minutes, you’ll get detailed information about:

"Quotation Factory has helped us speed up our production process and make fewer mistakes. We've gained up to a week in production time thanks to the Quotation Factory's integration with our ERP system."

Auke Sjoerd Tolsma
CEO, Polder Staalproducties

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