Based on feedback from current users, a user interface upgrade has been worked on. Some of our users bought large A3 monitors to be able to see enough article rules below each other in portrait mode. Due to the current adjustment, this is no longer necessary. Together with a UX designer and 4 customers, the following upgrades were made:

  • More on-screen rules;
  • Performance update (with many rules the system became slow)

In addition, great strides have been made in the field of routing. This provides insight into the production steps a product goes through and the machines that will be used.

New User Interface launch

Quotation Factory does a lot of super cool and fast things according to our customers, but there were some annoyances in the user interface. Not seeing enough on your screen and not knowing exactly what the system is doing was one of them and that is now fixed. In addition, we have made a number of operations easier. For instance:

  • Excel-like input to quickly enter materials and quantities in the order the customer provided it;
  • Additional screen showing routing across the factory;
  • Being able to see which files are being processed and per file an overview of what the software is working on and what the outcome will be. This allows you to designate purchasing parts directly;
  • The 3D viewer gives a better overview of complex assembly because you can break it down;
  • By adding three icons, the user can see if the system is nesting, or communicating with a CAM system or an ERP system. That way you know if the system is in progress and if you need to wait for something.

List Tab upgrade in User Interface

Users sometimes lost track of what was happening or had to wait a long time while scrolling. The system was actually not responding fast enough and something needed to be done about that, so we did.

Instead of only 3 rules you now see dozens of rules and users can scroll very quickly through complex quotations with, for example, more than hundreds of rules.

Materials Tab Upgrade

You can easily select a cutting plan and see what products are in the cutting plan because of the new UI upgrade. You can also select a product and see in which cutting plan the product is included.

The advantage is that you can optimize the cutting plan much easier and faster and get the material price as low as possible in this way.

Machine Rates and Totals Tab upgrade

The new upgrade allows estimators and work planners to set the markups and margin of operations in graduated tables. With less amount of processing time, this means there is more margin and the more processing time, the smaller the margin and therefore better prices.