During the estimation methods upgrade, the following improvements were made:

  • Estimate laser cutting have become even more accurate (gas consumption and electricity) + formulas have been improved;
    • Quotation Factory already automatically distributes charge and discharge time among the pieces.
    • we take into account weight and dimensions of the pieces
  • New opportunities to estimate programming costs intelligently;
    • based on unique parts.
    • based on unique sheets, tubes, articles.
    • based on unique operations.
    • distribute this correctly among the parts in your project (by weight, unique parts and nesting).
  • Compositions automatically estimated (e.g., powder coating);
    • make smart price estimations based on weight, volume or area.
    • no more waiting on quotations from suppliers.
    • of zelf gewoon heel nauwkeurig kunnen rekenen in secondes!
  • Automatically estimate shipping costs based on total weight, unique parts and more;
  • Ability to switch between operations (e.g., sawing and tube welding) in your estimation process.

This time around, a video in the form of a short interview with Luke van Enhuizen. Luke is working as an external with the Quotation Factory. His specialization is the digitalization of sheet metal plants, all of which can be found on his website.