The Quotation Factory can be enhanced with a self-service portal, a connection with the ERP system, and a connection with the CAM system. Check out the different subscription plans for each module below.

Our module(s) & subscription plan(s)

quotation factory

Per month:€ 1,950.-
Per quarter:€ 5,050.-
Per year:€ 17,450.-
Non-recurring:€ 4,950.-
  • Machine configuration of laser, edge machine and tube lasers (1 each)
  • Configuration of 5 to 10 additional manual work stages
  • Material prices and/or item file based on factory requirements
  • Configuration of your additional costs and desired mark-ups
  • Quotation template in your own brand identity
  • Lead time maximum 1 month
  • Customer availability 2 days per week

self service portal

Per month:€ 750.-
Per quarter:€ 2,000.-
Per year:€ 7,500.-
Non-recurring:€ 1,750.-
  • Customers can request and view quotations via the website
  • Integrate into own website
  • In line with own brand identity
  • Setup: support for integration into own website

erp connect

Per month:€ 130.-
Per quarter:330.
Per year:1,250.
  • Ridder IQ
  • MKG
  • Bemet (PdC)
  • TruTops Fab
  • Isah
  • Lantek Integra
  • Others upon request
  • Consultancy-based setup

cam connect

Basic Supplier*
Per month:€ 130.-€ 180,-
Per quarter:330.€ 460,-
Per year:1,250.€ 1,750.-
  • WiCAM*
  • BySoft*
  • TruTops Boost
  • Others upon request
  • Consultancy-based setup
  • The Basic Price is charged for the first line support, coördination of adjustments and improvements for the part of the connection between Quotation Factory and the connector
  • For the part between the connector and the external supplier a seperate price has to be requested with the external supplier
  • When Quotation Factory is the supplier (see *) of the connection, the additional fee in the column “Supplier” will be charged

Additional services Upon request

  • Project management & advice
  • Additional machines with custom formulas (operating routes and logic)
  • Performance of feasibility checks (internal or external)
  • Supply chain integration via SCSN

our implementation partners

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