After the highly successful rollout of the Self Service Portal Beta, we planned to launch the Self Service Portal Alpha mid Q1. A solution where manual work for a metalworking estimation is kept to a minimum and in most cases is even completely superfluous.

Ever since the introduction of the Self Service Portal, customers have been asking if they can configure it completely in their own corporate identity. There is also a desire to be able to use custom e-mail templates instead of just adding a logo within standard e-mail templates.

In addition, it is crucial that assembly operations such as welding, screwing and gluing are supported and that the portal can handle press-in parts. By also adding a planning and showing the correct prices based on delivery times, almost no manual work is needed to arrive at the correct price and lead time.

As valuable customer feedback continues to come in, this launch has been postponed to Q4 ’22.

However, this does not mean that the Self Service Portal Alpha is not being developed in the meantime. For example, it is now possible to host the Quotation Factory portal on a user’s own URL and various speed optimizations have already been fully implemented. The customer can also immediately receive an invoice and pay online.

This will bring us to the ideal final solution, step by step.