The supply chain within the metalworking industry is becoming cyclically more and more tightly planned. This ensures that any setback or delay in delivery will result in accumulating delays. It also leads many metalworking companies to prefer to plan only within the confines of their own company. Because working with external suppliers reduces the grip on the delivery time.

But the market does demand this. That is why a project has been started in collaboration with a university in Brazil, to be able to meet a delivery date agreement even if you are using external suppliers.

CAM and ERP systems do not exchange information with each other due to missing standards. In principle, they are not designed for that. The quotation software of the Quotation Factory does ‘talk’ to all types of CAM and ERP systems. This provides internal and external insight into:

  • Who has which machines;
  • The capacity and capabilities of connected machines;
  • Do the machines have the right availability at the right time.

With this, not only does the metalworking plant achieve operational excellence, but the entire supply chain achieves operational excellence. A major step forward when it comes to achieving just-in-time delivery for the best price.

After all, how great would it be if you could include a realistic and fast delivery date on every quotation that you can virtually always meet? That’s what the Delivery Date Estimator is all about for the metalworking industry.