The Quotation Factory is market-ready. Soon, the pricing model will be available on the website. The first focus is to get the launching customers and other early adaptors working with the Quotation Factory like a charm.

We are also technically ready to take an important next step and that is the application of AI in the form of Machine Learning. In doing so, the Quotation Factory will automatically learn from actual production times. After sufficient training, the AI can then take over from the Excel-based estimations, so that the basis for quotations is even more realistic; without you having to do anything further.

We komen graag in contact met fabrieken die samen met ons hiervoor de Proof of Concept fase willen uitvoeren. Interesting to mention; we have been selected by High Tech NL for a pitch this Thursday at Dragons meet Robotics, IoT and AI. More info here

In deze sprintdemo de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Example of an estimate with multiple assemblies;
  • Automatic cutting angle determination;
  • Optimal nesting of tubes, cylinders, bars and profiles;
  • Automatic simplification of Bill of Materials in case identical parts occur multiple times;
  • Searching projects and project history (repeat);
  • Our Open Source repository for creating your own integrations (GitHub);
  • Ridder iQ interface “out-of-the-box” now in the Quotation Factory AppStore.