5 advantages of the Quotation Factory – Quotations and estimations can be done faster within the metal industry

Quotations and estimations consume time for many metalworking companies. A lot of time, and valuable time, at the expense of commercial agility. But also time that you would like to save and have spent differently. Recognizable? A fast, smart and easily accessible estimating and quotation tool can help. Although this solution must meet several characteristics.

You know the success stories of the large enterprises within the metalworking industry. Digitalization transforms them into smart factories; implementation of new, digital technologies brings and keeps them ahead of the curve. And while hearing and reading about it, you wonder: what benefits can we gain from it? Obviously, you don’t want to miss the boat. Certainly not now, in a time when also in the metal industry the customer increasingly expects faster lead times from its suppliers.

Your ideal quotation tool

So imagine getting started with a well thought out online sales tool. With a solution that makes your entire estimating and quotation process faster and smarter. What should such a tool do?

1. You get to do what you’re really good at

The quotation process almost always starts with complex, digital 3D drawings. In addition, new, “richer” files are being added, such as JT Open and STEP 242. Sales representatives or work planners quickly spend hours reviewing, figuring out and estimating inquiries. All the while, those same valuable employees, usually with backgrounds as engineers, can pick up other important work within the organization. A good sales tool saves time and lets people do what they are really good at. Advising and assisting clients, for example! It thus contributes substantially to the success of an organization.

2. Self-learning and growing smarter

The metal industry today has a number of successful online sales portals. A lot is also happening in the area of managing local CAM systems via IoT technology. If an (independent) quotation tool can analyze exactly what operations are required, then it is also clear what the workflow will look like. Combined with IoT technology, a factory then has a high accuracy of manufacturability and estimations when requests are made. Combine these insights and precision, and a factory has at its disposal a smart closed-loop system that keeps making itself smarter thanks to the constant feedback of data.

3. Ease of use across any screen

Regardless of the advanced, underlying technology, a sales tool must also work flawlessly for the user on screen. The importance of a clear “user interface” cannot be underestimated. A user should see only what they really need and be able to zoom in on details when they want more depth. In an era where everyone is used to the user-friendly functionality of apps on smartphones and tablets, the user interface of a quotation tool must match accordingly. This calls for a single interactive entity, where the user receives constant feedback. It is a condition for successful use and therefore a must for your solution.

4. Alternative to expensive customization

Digitalization of processes can help metal companies offer a smooth and fast quotation process, that much is certain. So several well-known parties are already making it work. Although, for now, it seems only big players can afford it. After all, customized solutions require high investments that are out of reach for smaller metal companies. Yet this does not have to imply that they cannot be at the forefront of the market. A standard estimation tool in the cloud makes state-of-the-art technology readily available to a large group of metal processing companies. This tool can also be implemented very quickly and, in any case, works just as well with as without an ERP system.

5. No worries on IT management and security

Choosing new technology consequently often requires a high, initial investment. And yet, it is not necessarily required when you can use a solution in the cloud on a subscription basis. As a result, you only pay for usage and no longer have to worry about things like your own servers, security, IT management and updates. Simple and easy to use: with such characteristics, there is little stopping you from discovering what a subscription-based quotation tool can bring you. Especially if you can try it out on a trial basis beforehand!

Quotation Factory: The sales tool for every metal company

With the online quoting tool the Quotation Factory, estimating becomes a breeze. The tool with customer portal will be available to any metalworking company starting this spring and includes all the features described above. Thanks to smart recognition of used raw materials and required processing, the solution estimates directly based on supplied geometries. And all based on the facility’s own factory capabilities and variables.

Curious about the Quotation Factory? Contact us. We’d be happy to show you the opportunities and tell you more about a trial subscription.

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