smart metalworking quotations in the cloud

When Henry Ford saw his first cars come off the assembly line, he knew that this had changed the automotive industry forever. Tailor-made is a wonderful thing, but the masses want an affordable car.

That is why the manufacturing process had to be standardized, and Ford was the right man for the job. The Quotation Factory knows little about cars, but when it comes to simplifying the complex metalworking quotation process, we offer the best solution – in the cloud.

We saw in 2018 that the metalworking industry was in need of a radical rethink. Because most estimates and quotations that are made are manual work, performed by the most clever and often expensive employees. Sometimes estimating and re-estimating for days only to not get the order in the end. What if that could also be done in a few minutes?

Instant metalworking quotations for everyone. Leaving time for customer contact and customization that require real skills, expertise and talents.

let’s simplify quoting

why be difficult when it can be easy?

The Quotation Factory is committed to an automated estimation and quotation process between customer and supplier.
We didn’t need to develop the software, but if it could be done, why not, we wondered.

After years of development, the choice is yours.
You can keep estimating and re-estimating or attempt to reinvent the wheel yourself.
But if you don’t have to, why would you?

Making quotations used to be time-consuming and complex

Being a metalworking company, you will regularly receive requests for assembling, welding and/or cutting sheets, tubes and profiles. This is a time-consuming, complex business and can be done smarter, faster and easier.

Using the Quotation Factory, the customer can process a request himself via the customer portal, or your own in-house staff (only) can handle a request. The result is always a lightning-fast estimate and consistent quotation. The result is always a lightning-fast estimate and consistent quotation.

This is how easy the Quotation Factory works:

  • UPLOAD 3D and 2D CAD drawings of parts and assemblies easily.
    Supports all common CAD files such as Solidworks, STEP, JT and ACIS.
  • SPECIFY material and quantities.
    The rest we recognize and organize automatically.
  • ESTIMATE automatically the price and sync with your ERP system.
    BoM, BoL and your quotation instantly available.
save time – a lot of time
in the cloud

use your talent for those who need it

Estimating for days for a simple order is normal for the metal industry. However, this is often at the expense of making estimations that require expert knowledge and talent. The Quotation Factory will finally give you that time by eliminating the need to spend time on standard estimations.

Everyone can easily produce estimations

Most estimations do not require you to be Einstein. Uploading a file, specifying numbers and pressing the “estimate” button is something almost anyone can do. That is our starting point. Everyone should be able to do it independently. And when things get a bit more complex, each employee can show their true value.

hence the Quotation Factory

let’s all benefit for the better

All our customers can fully integrate our quotation software and offer a self-service portal to their customers. That saves time. A lot of time. Of course, this gives us insight into all of our customers’ estimation models. This allows us to keep improving our algorithms, saving you even more time. Let’s benefit from each other.

the whole must be more than the sum of its parts

your own customer portal in the cloud

Thanks to the integrated self-service quotation portal, you save a lot of time. The customer uploads their own files into the cloud and automatically receives a standardized quotation. In the case of more complex estimations, the materials and processing steps are neatly categorized and ready for further processing in your own ERP environment and CAM systems. But you don’t have to. You may also add missing prices and information manually for an appropriate quotation. It’s just how simple you want to make it for yourself.

Obviously, you don’t have to give your customers access. You may upload the 3D and 2D CAD drawings of parts and assemblies with the same ease yourself. No matter who it is, the Quotation Factory saves you and the customer loads of time. And we all know that time is…


Let potential customers create their own quotations

sales leads

Up to 70% conversion to an order


Not a high investment, but an affordable subscription plan

the Quotation Factory is in the cloud

We are on cloud nine with our software solution. Once you work with it, you will be too. Because thanks to the cloud, software updates within your company are no longer necessary. This way we are both Adaptive to Change.

We maintain and upgrade our software so you can do what you do best. Serving customers, and providing the most consistent and transparent metalworking estimations and quotations faster and easier.

seeing is believing

We are, of course, just a passionate quotation software development company. And what is sexy about a software interface? It should be functional in our beliefs. Doing what it needs to do, and as efficiently and quickly as possible. That’s why we’re inviting you to a demo. Because seeing is believing.

we keep it simple

One cup of coffee and we’ll whisk you away into our dream. But then we must first meet. This can be done via videocalling, or if circumstances permit, preferably face-to-face. By the way, that’s how we do it even if you’re already a customer. Because we keep it simple and wish you the best. Shall we meet?

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